Mazoor Afrad Program 2024

Every Disable person has their own CNIC which is given by NADRA office to those personal which are mazoor afrad. Please take you’re CNIC write 14 digit number in message bar and send message of 8123. After that they will inform you that you are eligible are not. They should write HQ in the message and give space, then write their identity card number and send it to 8123, after verification they will be eligible for financial assistance. Check the identity card of a friend who lives near a person with a disability. And send the ID card number to 8123 if it has a wheelchair mark on it.

Mazoor Afrad Program 2024 launched by Government of Punjab Pakistan. Peoples always search as ehsaas Disabled Person online Registration form 2024. I think it’s very beautiful and good decision of Punjab Governments to give a subs city for Disable person or Mazoor afrad program. The purpose of Mazoor Afrad Program/ ehsaas Disabled person is that … Read more