Solar scheme in Punjab

Solar scheme in Punjab

Punjab Government announced to install Solar Panel in 50,000 House. This is big announcement by Government of Punjab to given sub city to citizen but it’s totally free.

Let’s explain in details, How much peoples are eligible for this program?. How much people take out this benefit?. Battery and invert are given by Governments?.

12.6 Million rupees are announced for Solar Scheme, In initial stage they gives those people used less than 100 unit of Electric city those peoples are get benefit of this system.

Many Citizen of Pakistan are used three to two electric meter for some specification in this case 100 unit are used and some time they used less than 100 unit, here are mentioned if user are used 100 unit then he get this Scheme. Now there is no mention how much they will read electric meter details, It’s totally depend on Government (they will read pervious one year record or more or less than).

Now in a basic Information Government of Punjab will install 1KW Solar Panel System and Each household will receive more than six solar panel.

  • Advance Solar Plates
  • Battery
  • Inverter

A selection criterion is not mention in basic information, how much peoples are taking this benefit from 50,000 houses.

How to Register for Punjab Solar Scheme Punjab?

Process of registration of Solar Scheme of Punjab is very easy. Eligible household provide details throughout proper channel of Punjab Solar Scheme. Those Household are used less than 100 unit of electricity in a month they are eligible for this program.

FAQ,s Solar Scheme of Punjab.

Are There any Government Schemes for Solar Panels?.

Yes this news exist, Punjab Government are announced Solar Panel scheme.

Who is eligible for the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

According to basic information those household are used monthly less than 100 unit of electricity. These are eligible for Punjab Solar Panel Scheme.

How can I register for the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

You will register through proper channel of CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme which is announced Punjab Government.

What is the Government Solar Scheme?

Government of Punjab is announced to install free advance solar panel at 50,000 houses in Punjab.  Those household are used less than 100 units in a month they will get this benefit

Will I have to pay for the solar panels?

No, you will not pay for this Punjab Solar Panel Scheme It’s totally free without any charges.

How many solar panels will each household receive?

Each household will receive more than six solar panel, battery and inverter.


Solar Scheme in Punjab, Punjab Government is announced to install Advance Solar Panel in Punjab without any charges. I think it’s very appreciating able decision. Installed household Solar Panel will reduce their electricity bill. Take out benefit from this Punjab Solar Scheme.

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