Sehat Card Program 2023 Check Online New Update

Sehat Sahulat Plus Program: Sehat Sahulat Program Eligibility

The Sehat Card Program was started during the tenure of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now your health is in your health card. You can go to any hospital and get your treatment for free through your health card.

Treatment of many diseases, including heart surgery, was possible on the health card, but now it is being told. That if you want to use the health card, the health card is being discontinued.

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So you have to pay 30% fee. A 30% fee has been applied to the health card. If you want to use it, you have to pay a fee. Remember, you have to get treatment from any hospital to avail this facility. So you have to give your 30% share after that your treatment is possible. A fee of 30 percent on health cards has also been implemented

ہیلتھ کارڈ کی بندش کے قریب۔ کارڈیک اور زچگی کا علاج بند کر دیا گیا اور اضافی 30% فیس بھی لاگو کر دی گئی۔ انشورنس کمپنی نے علاج بند کر دیا۔

کارڈیک سرجری یا سرجری اور دل کی کئی بیماریوں کا علاج بھی ہیلتھ کارڈ پر روک دیا گیا ہے، زچگی کے علاوہ مختلف سرجری بھی فی الوقت روک دی گئی ہیں۔

Near the closure of the health card, cardiac and maternity treatment was discontinued. And if the insurance company stops the treatment, another 30% fee is also applicable.
Remember, if you have not been covered by Sahat Insaf Card before, you must first check your eligibility and register yourself. Only then you can use this card and get your treatment free. Remember, this time, after 30% fee, you will be able to get your treatment done.

Sehat Card Program 2023 Check Online New Update

Sehat Card Program Balance Check Online

Health care is about to close. Cardiac and maternity treatment was stopped, and an additional 30% fee was also applied. The insurance company stopped the treatment. Geo News

The treatment of many diseases including heart surgery has also been stopped on the health card, apart from maternity treatment, various surgeries have also been stopped for the time being.

The insurance company told the private hospitals that these treatment facilities will not be available on the health card from July 1. And private hospitals will not be reimbursed.

State Life Insurance Company will not pay any amount for normal delivery and C-section. Another 30 percent of money will also be collected by the Punjab government which will provide treatment through Sehat Insaf card.

Sehat Sahulat Program Eligibility

Those of them who are poor still belong to the health care program.
Their treatment will be provided free only to those who do not belong to the weaker sections.
Remember, if you belong to a poor family, your monthly income is less than 20 thousand rupees.
If you belong to a family that has not traveled abroad.
You belong to a family that consumes minimum monthly electricity, and its electricity bill is less than 8 thousand rupees.
Remember, if you meet these conditions, you will be provided free treatment.

Check your eligibility By SMS

  • SMS your National Identity Card number to 8500 to check your eligibility in the program.
  • You will have to wait a while.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • Which will tell about your eligibility.

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